The Investigators our mini-beasts adventures @Rocking horse nursery

Yesterday the investigators went on an mini-beast adventure to the Royal Botanic gardens. The children got the opportunity to explore the environment and were on look out for different types of mini-beast using our mini-beast spotting chart. While taking part in the activity the children got the opportunity to work in groups of 3 using our magnifying glasses we were able to find various mini-beast hiding such as butterfly’s, spiders, worms,ants and much more.


This morning the Investigators went on another adventure to Dr Neil’s garden on the lookout for mini-beast while we were there we were lucky enough to see various mini-beasts such as spiders, bees, fly’s, snails and many more.  while we were there the children got to see various flowers and plant that attract various mini-beasts .

IMG_20170713_100501[1] IMG_20170713_101506[1] IMG_20170713_102914[1] IMG_20170713_103531[1]IMG_20170713_101318[1]


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