Minibeast Hunt @ Rocking Horse

This week the Rocking Horse Explorer’s have been taking walks to Figgate Park to do some mini beast Exploring. While on the walks they have spotted dragon flies, wasps and ants and the children also stopped by the bug house but unfortunately did not manage to see any minibeasts. Although they didn’t manage to see […]

School Leavers trip, Rocking Horse

On Friday the 2018 graduates of Rocking Horse (Investigators going to school this year) went on their leavers trip to Edinburgh Zoo (children’s choice). While there the children observed lots of animals such as monkeys, flamingos, penguins, wild cats and lots more. They attended Feed of the day, which was a vulture being fed (I am […]

Eco-School Green Flag

Rocking Horse Nursery are proud to announce that we received news today regarding our Eco School Green Flag application and can tell you we got it. We are now officially a Green Flag nursery

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

The investigators at Rocking Horse received an invitation to take part in a ‘wee artists’ workshop today at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The investigators became detectives for the day, looking for clues. The children spotted a big footprint, holes in the trees and some scratch marks on the sculptures in the gallery […]

Enjoy-a-ball @ Rocking Horse

This morning the searchers at Rocking Horse welcomed Claire back for this terms block of Enjoy-a-ball sessions at the figgate park. The Searchers were having a run around, stepping over obstacles, catching and throwing balls, jumping in hoops and also balancing along a plank. Claire gave the children instructions before they took part in each […]

Rocking Horse Spring Walk

As part of the Investigators Spring topic, the children went on a trip to Duddington village. We seen some chickens, explored the vegetable garden and were able to pint out many signs of spring throughout the walk such as the flowers growing on the trees and the daffodils growing all around. The children then took the staff […]

Wet weather @ Rocking Horse

So what do we do when it is pouring with rain? We get kitted out to go in the garden of course!, the Searchers at Rocking Horse were splashing in puddles on Wednesday, using paint rollers to mark the chalk baord and pouring water into the cable drum/funnels and hoses Afterwards every radiator in the […]

New loose parts @ Rocking Horse

New loose parts in the garden at Rocking Horse. Today we introduced – * Parts of ‘Henry the hoover’ (as he broke last week and had to be replaced), * 2 planks of wood (that were donated to us by ‘Celsius plumbing and heating’, we just added the paint) and * A set of scales […]

The Searchers trips out @ Rocking Horse

This week the Searchers have enjoyed trips into Musselburgh. As the searchers have been interested in climbing recently we decided to go to Musselburgh links play park where the children got the opportunity to challenge their own risk while using the climbing frame. Our other trip was to Musselburgh beach. The children enjoyed having a run […]

Figgate Park @ Rocking Horse Nursery

While at the Figgate park today the Rocking Horse Investigators choose to go look for a fox in the deep dark wood. Going through the muddy puddles, the children pointed out lots of places where they think the fox might live, the children were fascinated with the burrows they spotted and were discussing what might […]