Fees at Rocking Horse

Sibling Discount

A 10% Discounted rate will apply to the eldest child’s fees for siblings using 12 sessions or more per week.


A £100 refundable deposit is required to reserve a place within the nursery. This will be refunded once your child has attended the nursery and one month’s notice has been given in writing informing us of your child’s last day at nursery.


Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities nursery where everyone is treated with respect and fairness. Behaviour outside this policy will not be tolerated.

Child Protection

It is our duty to protect all children in our care.
Signs of abuse or neglect will be reported to our concerned authorities. Where families are struggling to cope, we are here to help where we can.


We enjoy an open door policy where parents are free to visit at any time. Under no circumstances will anyone who is not recognized nor have a legitimate reason for visiting the nursery be allowed entry.

All our policies are displayed within the main entrance.

Our Aims

  • Enthusiastic and engaging staff in a motivated environment


  • Promoting curiosity, enquiry, creativity and independence in a supportive manner with quality experiences and open-ended resources


  • Calming and safe spaces provided for the wellbeing of the children

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