Festive fun at Rocking Horse!

There have been lots of festive activities going on at Rocking Horse this week. Christmas parties have been enjoyed by the Beanies and Toddlers with dancing, singing, party games and a special visit from Santa!       

Christmas At Rocking Horse

The children at Rocking Horse have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. The Beanies went to visit Santa at Edenmill Farm, 102 Market Street, Musselburgh, where he gave them a very special Christmas present – their very own Christmas tree to plant!  The children were very excited to see Santa and there were […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Rocking Horse

Today at Rocking Horse Jo from Changeworks visited the toddles and preschool to do a Three R’s workshop. The children took turns separating the different materials and placing them in the correct recycling box. We then reused toilet roll tubes and made “waste watcher” binoculars. The children loved decorating their waste watchers with bright sequence, […]

Rocking Horse Children in Need

In aid of children in Need everyone at Rocking Horse Nursery made a brilliant effort to come into nursery in their pyjamas, bake cakes and help with our bake sale! We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations as we raised £135!

Rocking Horse Toddlers Walks!

The Toddlers have enjoyed their walks to the Beach, Play park and the Figgate Park this week. We all had fun in the play park on the swings and the slide, building sand castles in the sand and running up and down the hills! We also took a walk to the Figgate park to collect […]

Halloween fun at Rocking Horse!

We have had a fun week at Rocking Horse with all our Halloween activities. We’ve carved out pumpkins, each room has had a party, enjoyed some Halloween sensory play, made Halloween pictures and dressed up in our scariest outfits!  ,  

Child smile visit to Preschool at Rocking Horse

Today Emily and Henry the Horse from Child Smile came out to visit the Preschool and toddlers . She red us a story about Peppa Pig going to the dentist and talked to everyone about brushing our teeth – when to brush them, how many times do we brush them?, what’s good for our teeth […]

Parents Helpers at Rocking Horse

We would like to say a big thank you to Ava’s mum for coming in to spend some time with us this morning in the preschool room. We all enjoyed the stories that she took time to read to us!       

Under 2’s at Rocking Horse Enjoying The Figgate Park

The Under 2’s at Rocking Horse enjoyed a refreshing walk in the Figgate Park this morning.  On the way, we splashed in a puddle with our wellies on and put some leaves in it.  We also met Angel the dog and watched the ducks and geese swimming in the pond.         

Brunton Theatre

Today we were very excited we got to travel on a bus to the Brunton theatre this was especially great as our focus in the preschool room is transport. When there we got to watch ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’. Seabeach & Rocking horse joined in the fun with lots of sing along songs including […]