Active Kids at Seabeach

The Seabeach Nursery is situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s seaside area in Portobello. Our children are encouraged to become active learners by making the most of their wonderful outdoor learning opportunities, right on their doorstep. Established in 1989 the nursery boasts one of the most experienced childcare teams in Edinburgh.


We are very fortunate to be close to many local amenities. We regularly visit The Daisy Park, local play parks, the library and seaside. We visit the theatre, Craigmillar Castle and Eastlinks Farm and other places of interest in the wider community. We also enjoy taking part in special events such as The Big Toddle for the Scottish Children’s Meningitis Trust, Welly Waddle for the Scottish Cot Death Trust and many of the opportunities that Edinburgh has to offer. You will be asked to give written permission for outings within the SB contracts.

A cosy premises on the beachfront, Active Kids at Seabeach utilises its location well with active play on the beach and in the local park areas. Our ethos at Active Kids is to promote health, happiness and a sense of well being and we believe that plenty of outdoor play in the fresh sea air is what every child deserves and thrives upon.

Our children love gardening and no matter what the season our hardly little perennials can be found in our garden growing flowers, fruit and vegetables many of which find their way into our healthy snacks.

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The Baby Room is for our youngest Active Kids aged 0-2 years.


We offer all children a well balanced, stimulating range of activities to suit their age and stage of development. We welcome all children aged 0 – 5 into a caring, warm and safe environment where you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome and a nurturing environment where every child is valued as an individual.

We also welcome and encourage parents to become actively involved in the continuous development of the nursery and invite parents to bring any skills into the nursery to promote the learning of children and staff! The following is a list of activities that have been brought in by parents which the children love. Baby yoga, music, felt art, story telling, bread making, pottery, child friendly discussions about life on the farm, looking after our environment, dance and drama.

Our rooms are regularly decorated and are bright and colourful with an abundance of toys, books and puzzles which are regularly rotated and replaced to ensure children are always inspired and challenged.

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The Toddler Room is a wonderful room for our children aged 2-3 years.

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The Big Room, where the business of learning is always fun from 3-5 years.

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Our Messy Room is exactly what it should be, a plethora of mess-making mischief from gluing, junk model making, water and sand play, painting and play dough modelling.