The Investigators bear hunt adventure

As part of our responsive planning and the children’s choice the investigators choose to go on a bear hunt in Craigmiller castle woodland. The investigators used the binoculars to hunt for the bears. They had fun squelching through thick muddy puddles (in there wellies of course) and  swishing through long swaying grass. On the hunt the investigators came across a large […]

Loose parts play @ Rocking Horse

Yesterday the garden at Rocking Horse had a mini revamp, we have been slowly gathering items to create a loose parts play resources area. More will be added as it is sourced, but already the children have been exploring the resources and putting them to use as ramps for cars, mini slides for balls to go down, […]

Fundrasing total @ Rocking Horse Nursery

We would like to say a huge thank you to all children, parents/carers and also members of the public who were very generous in giving donations during our fundraising for ‘Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity’. Through our bake sale and fancy dress walks around the community (with the donation bucket) we raised a grand total of £750. We can not […]

Introducing our Mud Kitchen @ Rocking Horse Nursery

Some of you may already be aware that we have set up a Mud Kitchen in the nursery garden. Here is some information to tell you exactly what it involves, the reasons for doing this, the benefits for the children and what you should expect!   What is a Mud Kitchen? There is little more important […]

Fruit and Vegetable growing @ Rocking Horse Nursery

The Nursery garden is showing all the signs of the recent weather, the sun and rain has been feeding our plants. We are lucky enough to be green fingered and can’t wait to taste the produce of our labours, we have spring onions, raspberries, tomatoes and broad beans growing. The nursery garden has also been […]

The Investigators our mini-beasts adventures @Rocking horse nursery

Yesterday the investigators went on an mini-beast adventure to the Royal Botanic gardens. The children got the opportunity to explore the environment and were on look out for different types of mini-beast using our mini-beast spotting chart. While taking part in the activity the children got the opportunity to work in groups of 3 using […]

Every day resources @ Rocking Horse Nursery

Our Explorers thrive with the everyday resources thay have in the nursery. Here are some photos of them with the bicycle helmet clips in the garden (we now have luggage straps attached to the gates in the rooms so they have access to more clips), bottles filled with water and glitter and keys/keyrings in the […]

On an adventure @ Rocking Horse Nursery

On Wednesday the Searchers and Investigators went for a walk to Figgate park and on the way to feed the ducks the children decided that they wanted to go through the woods with their magnifying glasses to search for mini beats. The children found snails, slugs ladybirds and spiders galore. The outing back packs are always ready for any […]

Butterfly release @ Rocking Horse Nursery

Today seen the Searchers release their 4 butterflies after observing them transform from caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies in their room. Of course there was only one place that the children wanted to release the butterflies to and that was Figgate Park. The children watched their butterflies fly off in the beautiful park.